A teenager has had it with her mom’s promiscuous ways. Things get “catty.”


Sasha is a teenager at constant odds with the promiscuous ways of her mother, Bastet. When Sasha's young friend Stuart decides to walk her home from school, she becomes forced to confront the dark secret that makes her more like her mother than she'd care to admit.


Cougars plays with adolescent angst and the humorous potential of its title with a finely tuned sense of awkward sexuality and comedy that soon turns into smoky found liberation.

Brian Kirst / Big Gay Horror Fan

Cougars (is) a simple, classic and fun story that I could’ve seen a full feature of. It’s somewhere between Sleepwalkers and Ginger Snaps, and that’s two films I enjoy. It’s a fine mix of drama, comedy and horror, and I am very open to see more from the director Lonnie Martin because he seems to understand what he is making, and that’s something I find important.
Film Bizarro

(Cougars) is solidly written and directed by Martin.  He was able to create a fun, if not predictable creature flick with a lot of heart.
Dark River Press